Martian Successor Nadesico Episode 5: Ruri’s Navigation Logs


Summary: The Jovians are just testing the Nadesico’s defenses so there isn’t much for the crew to do. Yurika has to supervise the funerals for those who died on the station. She is also questioning her purpose as a captain. Yuri doesn’t have encouraging information. Akito also learns why the head cook has an excessively stalked spice rack. Akito and Yurika end up meditating about their issues. They are dragged out of that because there’s a mutiny in progress.

The good: The mutiny getting interrupted was really good. As funny as the situation was I was totally with Ruri about actually reading the contract they signed.

The less good: I do understand Yurika getting bent out of shape about Akito’s relationship with Megumi but I thought she was more confident in her role as captain up to this point.

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