Mobile Suit Gundam UC Episode 1: Day of the Unicorn

Summary: Banagher meets Audrey who is not all she seems.

This one is hard because I just feel like I wasn’t given all the information I needed to understand what was going on even though this episode was more than 40 minutes long.

This series is part of the Universal timeline. There are a few different ones in the Gundam franchise. So there are references I recognized because I’ve heard of some of these big things in the other anime that are part of this timeline but I haven’t actually seen them.

I think.

I found the episode interesting but consistently frustrating. Maybe if I watch the whole series I’ll feel differently.

I will say, the animation for the first few scenes was stunning. I was mesmerized.

So I will continue and we’ll see how I feel. If you have insights or posts about this series I would appreciate your thoughts or links in the comments below. Thank you in advance.

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