Heroic Age Episode 2: The Forgotten Child

The first episode didn’t sell me on this anime but the second episode did.

Summary: Age joins the crew of the Argonaut and basically runs around the banquet hall eating food and then he steps into Princess Dhianeila’s forbidden circle and everybody freaks out because she’ll faint usually if a guy gets too close to her. This is meant to prove that Age has a pure heart.

Then Age runs off and goes missing until another battle with the Bronze Tribe. We also catch a glimpse of one of the Silver Tribe members observing the outcome.

The good: This was hilarious. Age running around stuffing his face is pretty hilarious. Also him getting so close to Dhianeila and everyone freaking out is pretty priceless too.

The less good: the Twelve Labors is presented as more of a contract where Age is doing a bunch of stuff for humanity and they are doing one task in return. That seems a little unfair right off the bat.

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