Heroic Age Series Review


This is going to be a little different because this is a review after rewatching the anime series. Also this one was at number 11 on my Top Anime list so let’s get into why it isn’t in that spot anymore.

The good

  • The ending made me cry again
  • The first episode made me laugh (“Thank you for being so delicious!”) and cry then the second episode made me laugh again
  • Age and Dhianeila as a pair, fighting for humanity
  • Phaetho O helping to rebuild the Argonaut after trying to murder the crew multiple times. He has a lot of attitude and it’s funny to watch.
  • Mehitak eating metal because his people don’t eat living things.
  • Iolaous teleporting Dhianeila down to her meeting with Prome O, it had a lot of meaning
  • Yuty being forced to acknowledge her feelings for Karkinos, she did a lot of character developing over this series

The less good

  • There was a lot that seemed to be unnecessarily complicated about the Golden Tribe leaving, what Age’s Twelve Labors are and what they mean. Also the Labors of the other Nodos.
  • There was a lot of metaphysical and philosophical whatnot and build-up that bogged things down a little in the end. And a lot of it seemed irrelevant.
  • The plot complexity and variation seemed to end after the first few episodes.
  • The stuff with Iolaous and Anesha really got on my nerves this time around. She was really passive aggressive. I normally like angst but I wasn’t into this.
  • The battles between the Nodos were sometimes hard to connect with because there wasn’t variation in expression or dialogue.
  • The animation isn’t horrible but it isn’t the best
  • I did question the butt and nostril shots regularly.
  • Dhianeila cries a lot

Overall mostly this got bumped from its spot because I wouldn’t rewatch it again. I’m glad I did because I gained a lot of insight that I didn’t have the first time around. (Also my brother and I binge-watched it when we first saw it so we didn’t take the time, back then, to absorb everything.) I will always have a fondness for this one but I don’t think I can recommend it.

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