Heroic Age Episode 21: The Planet Codomos


Summary: Prome O decides to speak with Princess Dhianeila. Yuti continues to fight the human space fleet, Age, and Mehitak. The Silver Tribe is in conflict because some want the conversation to happen while others want to continue the fight.

The good: The conversation between Prome O and Dhianeila is interesting and the conflict that occurs within the Silver Tribe is really interesting. Also Iolaous gets to teleport Dhianeila to the meeting which is significant because before he hadn’t been able to approach within a few feet of her.

The less good: I do think it’s odd that the Silver Tribe never investigated the home world of the Golden Tribe. They may not have a particular attachment to their own but they are very attached to the Golden Tribe and their absence is something they are still hurt about.

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