I’m relatively inexperienced when it comes to anime. I have a few favorite shows that I’ve watched multiple times. But I really want to branch out this year.

I’ll start off by rewatching one of my top 11 anime, Heroic Age, and trying out the first few episodes of some shows I’ve heard of but never watched.

I love matcha lattes and I love both science fiction and fantasy shows where sea vessels, airships, or spaceships might appear.

I’m also fond of Maka from Soul Eater (another of my top 11 anime). She’s studious, overachieving, but sometimes socially awkward. Plus she has a complicated relationship with her dad.

I plan to make 2019 an interesting year. Join me?


  1. Hey welcome to the aniblogging sphere!!. I haven’t seen soul eater, even though it’s been on my watch list for years xDD. Feel free to ask Crimson613 or myself questions (yeah I know crim, she’s a blast!!).

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