Snow White with the Red Hair Series Thoughts


I love this series.

So we’ll start with what I didn’t like as much.


  • I may have to read the manga to get the romantic closure and more adventures.
  • I know Shirayuki wants to be a court herbalist so that she can be close to zen but there were times when it felt like her skills were wasted. She could be helping people in town with their varied ailments and issues.
  • It felt like they had to make Zen’s older brother an antagonist a lot because there weren’t very many villains in the series.

Why I love it

  • This hooked me right from the start. I rooted for Shirayuki in the beginning because she’s good, decisive, and I feel protective of her a little.
  • Prince Zen is a good guy and still interesting.
  • Their romance is adorable and the chemistry was clear from the start. They also discuss consent and Zen wants Shirayuki to have choices. They are definitely partners.
  • I like the costumes and set design. It carried the fairy tale genre of the show.
  • Obi’s backstory and character progression added a lot to the overall narrative.
  • I also immediately rewatched this after finishing it and I still loved it.

As of right now, this one sits in my top favorites.

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