JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 7: Sorrowful Successor


One character dies in the battle against Tarkus (although it takes him longer than reasonable, I think, considering) but the end of the episode three more people join the battle.

We also get a horrifying situation with a mom and her kid when she gets turned into a vampire. I saw it coming but still scary.

There’s something I’m nervous to admit but I think I need to confess… this show, despite the action and the horror, is boring me. I find myself not really caring about the outcome of anything. I find a lot of it to be a little pointless and sometimes random. I find JoJo boring and I even find Dio boring. They are both fairly shallow characters. Dio has a little more personality but he’s still very much the cliched mustache-twirling villain surrounded by subordinates who are dumber than he is. This one just isn’t for me.

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