Snow White with the Red Hair Episode 13: The Red That Spins Fate

red hair

There’s a new opening song and it seems to have snippets of “Carol of the Bells” running through it. I’m a little conflicted. It is a beautiful piece of music but I firmly associate it with Christmas and not this show at all…

Zen and Shirayuki are both working hard and then Mihaya, the guy who kidnapped Shirayuki a few episodes ago, shows up to tell them that there’s a mysterious person looking for her.

And she’s invited to a ball in Tanbarun.

At first I was a little impatient with this episode until we got to Zen’s paper cut and everyone making jokes about it but this is the first episode of season 2 so they probably wanted to get the viewers acquainted with the world and give a snapshot of Zen and Shirayuki going about their business before a bunch of plot curve-balls are thrown at them. I definitely want to see what’s coming next.

Also Prince Zen is not happy to see Mihaya…

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