Cowboy Bebop Episode 1: Asteroid Blues

cowboy bebop

This is one of those shows I’m ashamed I haven’t seen before. (But we’re fixing that now!)

Spike and his partner are bounty hunters and they’re having trouble affording meat to put in their meat and vegetable dishes. When they go after their target things go Bonnie and Clyde really quickly.

The music is amazing. Openings and closings definitely but also in between the score really suits the show. Harmonica, whistling, jazzy. It makes things cohesive. The attention to detail in the animation is also amazing. The places and the ships look like they have history and have been through a lot.

Also there’s an interesting class distinction. She asks Spike about Mars (where he was born) and he points out that people are happy there, “If you’re rich.”

This episode felt like an introduction to the main characters but there are more to come and maybe a bigger arc and a troubled past?

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