I’ve Been Doing This For More Than Six Months!


I started this blog in January with a couple goals in mind. The main one was to motivate myself to try new-to-me anime rather than just rewatching anime I’d already seen many times. Another goal was to get over my reservations about being part of the anime-watching community. The obnoxious and not-fun people can be really loud (and also hard to deal with as a kid) but they aren’t the only people on here. I’ve been a lot happier than usual in these last six months (even with my boyfriend dumping me). Anime is something I genuinely enjoy and I’m glad I’m carving out time for it. I’m also grateful to the people who have welcomed and reached out to me. (Sorry, I’m so socially awkward.) You’re fabulous.

So I’d like to add a goal. I’d like to try doing posts other than episode reviews… in the future. (Episode reviews are my favorite to write but I’ve noticed they aren’t necessarily my favorite to read unless I’ve seen the show.) Another benefit of reaching out to the community again is that I’m seeing lots of different types of posts. I’ll keep doing my best.

Thank you so much for reading.

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