Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu Episode 1: To the Frontlines

touken ranbu

So this one is based on a video game that I have never played. I haven’t watched any of the other series. But I’ve liked the fan art for years so I thought I’d give this series a try because it’s available.

The animation is top notch. The scenery is realistic and there are beautiful details. I also really liked Kunihiro (rookie) and Kane-san (experienced partner) individually and as a team.

But the villains don’t have much to offer yet. It’s the average mindless-evil sort. I do want to continue.



  1. You just described what the villains will stay like for the whole season. I was intrigued by this one at first but it more or less didn’t go anywhere (or at least it didn’t really bother to explain anything). Maybe if I was familiar with the game it would have been better. It does look good though.

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