Sirius the Jaeger Episode 1: The Revenant Howls in Darkness



We begin with a battle between our main characters and a group of vampires in Shanghai then they move to Japan where they think some big time vampires are headed.

The crimes in Japan are blamed on an escapee but the Jaegers are pretty sure that he’s the distraction and the vampires are the real culprits.

There’s a lot to be revealed, I suspect. Yuliy hates vampires so there’s probably a story there. Yuliy and Philip don’t necessarily get along but they work together. Willard has a monocle so I’m sure he has a backstory.

I wasn’t sure what to expect going in. This was action-packed and engaging consistently throughout.

I am a little worried about Ryoko. She’s been trained to fight, fantastic, but she seems to be developing a crush on the socially awkward character. This could be a positive for both of them, a chance for character growth, or he could be really mean to her and she just takes it.

So I’ll definitely continue.

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