Your Lie in April Thoughts

your lie in april

I knew this series would hurt in the early episodes and it did. I wasn’t ready but I also didn’t want to stop watching.

The good

The animation is stunning. The light, shadow, motion, and expression of the characters and backgrounds are consistent throughout. I also love that they took advantage of different seasons.

Kaori’s last letter did surprise me.

The music was beautiful throughout. I love how much piano and violin was incorporated. I liked the first opening more than the second and the second closing more than the first.

Kaori and Kousei firmly charmed me from the start. And there were multiple characters we met along the way who charmed me too.

I also can relate to having that pressure to compete and perform music.

The less good

I knew Kaori’s ending early into the show and that the odds are firmly against her. Since I’d been bracing for it most of the show, I think that reduced the impact a little.

It didn’t feel like there was much resolution with Tsubaki.

Overall this show had a lot that made me think and feel. The characters pulled me in and the art is consistently phenomenal. I’m really glad I picked this one to try. The only thing keeping it from a top spot is that I probably won’t rewatch it.

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