Durarara!! Episode 24: Selfless Devotion


This is the last episode of the season. Some of it gets wrapped up but… I definitely have questions and apprehensions about the next season.

The confrontation with the Yellow Scarves wraps up a little.

Masaomi and Maki have a conversation, then run away together?

Anri confronts Izaya but that doesn’t really go anywhere.

Simon punches Izaya and they have a conversation in Russian. Definitely a lot of questions there.

Celty seduces the doctor…

Mikado and Anri go back to school.

Mikado, Masaomi, and Anri at the center was what I really liked about this show so I’m worried about what the second season’s center will be.

What are the conflicts going to be? Celty still hasn’t gotten her head back. Izaya has further games he’s going to play. And I want more of Shizuo and his brother.

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