Your Lie in April Episode 17: Twilight

your lie in april

Kousei is having trouble visiting Kaori in the hospital. She’s having a hard time and he’s flashing back to what it was like with his mom in the hospital. But Watari talks to him about how important he is to Kaori and if Kousei likes her he needs to step up.

Nagi is also having trouble. She’s feeling the pressure of her school festival performance. But both Kousei and Hiroko talk to her. And Kousei is with her when they walk out on stage.

But the actual performance will probably be in the next episode.

It is hard seeing Kaori like that. But you can understand. She can’t play the violin because she can’t hold up the bow. She’s stuck in the hospital away from everyone. And things are not looking up for her.

I liked getting more depth from Nagi. She’s scared and nervous and that makes her a bit more relatable to me.

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