Martian Successor Nadesico Episode 13: There Is No Single Truth


Summary: It’s Christmas time, Japanese style, with more of a focus on the couples. Also people are having to make decisions about their future. Akito is fired as a pilot and a cook and Megumi goes with him. Nergal is researching how the Chulip acts as a transport and they need Akito to help them figure it out.

The good: Ruri’s reaction to the big reveal at the end is hilarious. Also, Akito deciding to hide in his room until Christmas is over because he doesn’t want to deal with Megumi or Yurika.  There are also three different Christmas parties happening on the Nadesico at the same time.

The less good: The Akito and Megumi relationship feels really forced at this point.

Side Note: My spring break definitely took an unexpected turn. I went on the trip with my friends but the night we arrived my boyfriend dumped me for another girl. Emotional roller coaster. But I’m glad to be back watching anime!


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