Snow White with the Red Hair Episode 1: Encounter… Changing the Color of Fate


Since I finished Violet Evergarden I’ve been wanting to add more series to the rotation. I decided to try Snow White with the Red Hair first.

Shirayuki’s red hair attracts the attention of Prince Raj but instead of becoming his concubine she decides to run away and accidentally runs into Zen and his party.

I really liked this first episode! I even watched it twice and still enjoyed it. (I wanted to see if I liked the dubbed or subbed version more. I think both are fine. Although the subtitles drove me bonkers in a couple places.)

I liked Shirayuki right away because she is kind and plays an active role in the situations she’s thrust into. I had to warm up to Zen but I really like him as a character too. I didn’t like Raj but he made me laugh.

I also went right into watching episode two. This is definitely one I want to keep watching.

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