Violet Evergarden Series Thoughts

violet evergarden

Summary: Violet starts out as a soldier but when the war is over she has to adjust to civilian life. She decides to become a Doll who types letters for clients. It’s a rough start but as the show progresses Violet learns to sympathize with her clients and to read between the lines so that she can create the right letters for them.

The good

The animation is stunning. Also the artists had a lot of fun with different surface effects and lighting techniques. It felt like they were really trying to push themselves.

The music, in particular the score was really expressive. It was one of the main tools that got me crying during some pretty emotional moments.

Violet’s characterization was also impressive. At first I didn’t connect with her but as she grew and changed I could begin to understand and sympathize with her.

The less good

Sometimes the computer generated stuff didn’t quite blend with what wasn’t.

I didn’t really expect any closure but it did feel like we were left without really knowing what Violet’s future would look like. Does she find love again? Does she keep working as a Doll? Will another war break out?

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