Durarara!! Episode 16: Mutual Love


Saika, the cursed blade, is making “children.”

This episode was a little hard to watch. We get some information about Saika and who it’s possessing directly and why it seemed to take a break for five years. That was scary. Also her children are scary. Then we have the discussion of “loving” Shizuo. I’m not sure how to properly unravel that but it’s interesting nonetheless.

But the twist at the end was slightly spoiled by Netflix. There’s a picture they’ve had for the show icon thing in the queue that applies to this episode. So that’s awkward. It wasn’t ruined but I was less surprised than I could have been.

A highlight though was Erika thinking that Shizuo and Izaya have a romantic connection when Shizuo goes to confront him about what he knows about Saika.

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