Your Lie in April Episode 8: Let It Ring

We see the performances of Takeshi and Emi who were Kousei’s main rivals when they were younger.

My favorite part was Emi’s flashback to Kousei’s first performance. He looks so uncomfortable going out on stage, then he knocks over the bench. Very cute and hilarious.

I also loved Takeshi and Emi’s performances. That piano playing was amazing and expressive. I don’t exactly how they made that all work but it was well done.

I’m scared for Kousei now. I’m not sure what I want from him actually. I don’t think he can win the competition because they were pretty amazing and he hadn’t practiced in a while plus the psychological hangups he has… I think I want what Emi does, for him to find joy in playing piano again. But we’ll see what happens in the next episode.

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