Martian Successor Nadesico Episode 1: To Go Like a Man

Summary: The Jovians invade Mars and the United Forces suffer a massive defeat. Akito somehow magically escapes Mars and gets to Earth. He tries to make it as a cook but he freaks out every time the Jovians attack.

The good: This is hilarious. Tons of physical comedy but also a bunch of quirky, over-the-top characters getting together. They fight and work together. I also love Yurika as captain. She becomes obsessed with Akito definitely, but she’s also really smart and determined.

The not as good: A thing they’ll do is they’ll have people talking on top of each other. It’s to indicate that people aren’t listening to each other and chaos. But it can be really confusing and annoying sometimes. Also, Yuriko’s dad makes me cringe.

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