Durarara!! Episode 12: Yin and Yang

And honestly a couple levels of yikes…

So I was totally wrong about finding out about Celty’s head in a previous episode. I was tricked!

But I was a little relieved in this case because I didn’t like that situation.

*Major spoilers ahead*

I like that it turned out that they didn’t decapitate Mika and put Celty’s head on her body. Thank goodness that wasn’t Celty’s head running around like that.

But there’s still a lot of yikes. She agreed to plastic surgery to look like Celty’s head because Seiji is obsessed with it. (Izaya totally calls out Seiji for not noticing. He’s a tricky character but I really liked him for that.) But that’s so awkward because this guy bashed her head against the wall and left her to nearly bleed to death and then she spends tons of time with him. Mikado even praises her for being willing to risk her life for Seiji. This relationship is yikes. Please don’t try to give us a silver lining, Mikado. And they’re still together and go to school. “I’ll accept your feelings because you look like the head I’m obsessed with.” Bleh.

Then we have the Celty and Shinra relationship. “A punch instead of a kiss”? Bleh. I mean they talk things out, which is good, but still not a fan.

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