Durarara!! Episode 9: Love and Cherish

I had a hard time starting this post because I’m worried that any summary I try to do of this episode will spill a bunch of spoilers… So be aware of that going into this post, beans may be spilled…

We learn more about Seiji and his sister in this episode. I did like that because I had so many questions about the giant scar around the one girl’s neck and why he was hanging out with her.

I liked Shizuo’s point about love. Seiji isn’t able to tell him anything about his ‘girlfriend’ and Shizuo calls him out for it.

But really, I think they need to give Celty back her head. The doctor makes a lot of arguments about why she doesn’t need one but… ummm… It doesn’t matter if she needs it, her head belongs to her, right?

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