Little Witch Academia Episode 4: Night Fall

Lotte is a huge fan of the book series, Night Fall (a combination of many things including a vampire main character named Edgar), and wants to go to an event in town. But Akko, Lotte, and Sucy get in trouble for stealing a tart and get detention. Akko gets them into town anyway and Lotte is able to go to the author event where she wins the pen the writer and the writers before her have used to write the books. The writer does this because she’s lost confidence in herself and thinks she shouldn’t be writing the Night Fall books anymore. But Lotte is determined to give her the pen back.

This episode was a lot of fun. Akko gets in trouble again but helps her friend out. There’s also a lot of fun stuff about the positive side of fandom culture. There’s also a little discussion of talent because this fountain pen chooses the next writer of Night Fall. And Lotte doesn’t want to write Night Fall because she genuinely admires the writer currently working on it. You were chosen, have confidence in yourself.

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