Heroic Age Episode 9: The Return

The summary: Dhianeila has to recover from her psychic attack, Age is still fighting Karkinos, Iolaous wants to go back and get him.

The good: Dhianeila waking up and saying that Age would find their path. Also, him crashing into the ocean of her home planet was pretty funny and epic. Iolaous has a lot of angst which can be a double-edged sword but I rather enjoy that about his character.

The less good: It felt like we spent way more time than necessary with Mehitak against the one fleet, especially because most of the fight he’s pinned by the force field and then he escapes so he can go try to help Karkinos. Aneasha’s angst leans a hair more to the negative side for me. She gets frustrated and that’s understandable but it’s also awkward because she really should know better.

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