Mobile Suit Gundam UC: Series Thoughts

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Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Summary: Those who live in space and those who live on Earth don’t get along. The Federation and Zeon have been fighting on and off for years. When Banagher begins piloting the Unicorn Gundam he finds out that it is the key to finding Laplace’s Box, something that could change humanity forever.

The good:

The music – I enjoyed the openings and endings plus multiple pieces of score throughout. They matched the tone and circumstances of the scenes.

The animation – blew me away. There’s so much articulation in the mobile suits. People’s faces and gestures are really expressive. I particularly liked how organic the last battle felt between Banagher and Full, partly because of how detailed and creative the animation got.


The less good:

That love triangle – Banagher falling that hard for Audrey so quickly was awkward. They barely interact and he’s willing to go to multiple lengths and risk his life to help her out and he doesn’t know what she’s doing. But we also have Riddhe professing the same things and he gets really bent out of shape when she chooses Banagher. His character does recover though, thank goodness.

Closing thoughts: This anime is part of the Universal Century timeline which begins with the first Gundam show. While I am passingly familiar with events, I haven’t actually watched the previous series in this timeline. If you’re starting out in the Gundam franchise, this may not be the one to start with. That all being said, I didn’t regret watching this series but I missed out on a lot, I think, by not watching the anime that came before this one first.

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