Durarara!! Episode 6: Active Interest

The group in the van who know Masaomi are a big part of this episode. Saburo’s friend, a ticket seller who got him front row to see one of his female idols, is kidnapped. The kidnappers were part of the first episode too. They deliver people to a medical lab that does human experiments.

It’s also possible that the one girl has a scar around her neck because her real head is suspended in a jar of liquid. It could also be Celty’s head but I don’t think so.

They did a similar structure to the previous episode, starting with exciting stuff and then going back to explain how they got there. The transition was less subtle this time but not horrible.

Celty didn’t have a lot to do. I felt kind of bad for her. The doctor she lives with gave her the paper with his grocery list rather than instructions for the job and when she finally caught up to the kidnappers the group in the van were already involved.

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