Gundam Unicorn Episode 5: The Black Unicorn

A black version of Banagher’s Unicorn Gundam lands and Banagher gets knocked out soon after.

They call this one the Banshee and it’s piloted by a reconditioned Marida.

Banagher tries to get through to Marida and fails at first.

There are one or two cringey things about this episode (the love triangle related stuff) but mostly it was pretty awesome.

Audrey chooses to jump out of the ship and puts faith in Banagher, while Riddhe is left behind after trying to help her. It makes sense for her to choose Banagher here, I think. Riddhe doesn’t give her choices, he makes demands. Banagher lets her do what she wants as long as it is what she wants. He doesn’t try to control her. And further she doesn’t try to control him. He tells her he’s going back to get Marida and she lets him go.

Getting Marida to remember her past is an emotional series of scenes.

Banagher also creates a rainbow. That’s the best part.

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