Your Lie in April Episode 1: Monotone/Colorful

I was first drawn to this one because the girl in the cover picture held a violin and I thought a contemporary with music as the theme might be interesting to watch. And it might nicely balance out the speculative anime I’m watching.

This first episode packs a punch. The animation is stunning. Kousei’s story resonated with me. When he started crying, it made me tear up.

Kousei played piano, mostly motivated by his sick mom. Then his mom died and he wasn’t motivated to play the piano anymore but he still loves music. They definitely have a complicated and I would argue dysfunctional relationship. It adds layers to his character.

Then he meets Kaori and instantly crushes on her. But it turns out she has a crush on his friend Watari and their friend Tsubaki is setting them up.

I’m worried that this anime is going to tear me apart emotionally…

But aren’t those the best?

Thanks for reading!


  1. “I’m worried that this anime is going to tear me apart emotionally…”

    Just my 2/100, but if you don’t want to be torn apart emotionally, now’s a good time to stop watching!

    “But aren’t those the best?”

    Yes, they are. This series is a wonderful journey! If I’m interpreting your post correctly, you’re just starting to watch? If so, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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