Heroic Age Episode 3: The Heroic Tribe

Summary: We get more of the backstory of the Heroic Tribe and how they become Nodos inside different species. We also learn that there are only five like this. Aboard the Argonaut, Age plays with paint and is given a wall to paint a mural on. He also gets a haircut. We’re also introduced to the Star Way which seems to be like a faster current in space that a ship can enter to go faster across distances.

The good: Age playing with paint and making a mess. It’s really cute and a good bonding moment with members of the crew.

The less good: Those butt shots are so awkward. The way suits are designed (in particular the female suits) it seems like they all have perpetual wedgies and bleh. I’m just not that into that myself especially when the characters are conversing with each other about serious stuff.

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