Gundam Unicorn Episode 2: The Second Coming of Char

Summary: Banagher battles Marida then is taken in by a Federation ship. They have a hard time getting his cockpit open but eventually succeed. Audrey tries to convince Banagher that they should escape and destroy the Gundam. Banagher refuses because he doesn’t think that’s what she really wants to do and she’s forced to admit it isn’t. Audrey is then used as a hostage to try and manipulate the Sleeves. Banagher goes out to fight them, thinking he can protect Audrey. That’s when he ends up being taken by them back to a Zeon colony.

Also it turns out that Full Frontal is a person and may be a clone of Char from previous series. That name makes me giggle (because I’m immature). Full doesn’t admit to being Char’s clone directly but he does refer to himself as a vessel and that he wears a mask so that people can believe what they want. The discussion between him and Banagher is really interesting. Banagher is firm on his stance against war. It is Full’s subordinate who points out that he isn’t innocent because he accidentally killed someone during the last battle.

I also find it interesting how Banagher reacts to being in the Gundam. He doesn’t do well. He’s in pain and at one point he vomits. He also tends to pass out after battles (which is probably why he keeps getting taken). But it isn’t common for main characters to have trouble with Gundams, especially not right away.

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